Green infrastructure urban strategy

Location: Santa Coloma, Catalunya, Spain.
University: ETSAB.
Site: periurban area. 0.6 ha


The territorial analysis previously to the design process is focused to iden­tify the principal landscape characters of the area, the problems, and the new possible interaction between green spaces.

The proposal is based on: re­covery of a natural area, connecting the area of streams and meets the needs of connection between green spaces in Santa Coloma de Cervello. It also pro­vides a new urban space overlooking the countryside with visual connections to the mountain forest and agricultural terraces at its top, and laugh at its bottom.

During the reclaim of this abandon area to give to opportunity to get access to to all kind of users we provide 3% soil to project area to create a  walk path and three main square-terraces. A really important point is also the vegetation strategy, thin­ks as a regenerator for the poor soil condition and as a soil fixer. The plants choices are all natives and by the time could help to the restauration of the lost biodiversity. The drai­nage plan is studied to not minimize the soil erosion cause by the morphology of the site.


Team: Margherita Galante, F. Ciuppa, M.C. Santiago
Tutor: Ana Zanohero, Pepa Moran


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