Urban agriculture park

Location: Bernex-Confignon, Switzerland
Stakeholders: Canton de Geneve
Site: agriculture peri-urban space


To the west of the canton of Geneva, Bernex aims to become a regional center, welcoming new residents, jobs and public facilities. The goals of the competition is the design and implementation of public spaces with an agriculture component.


The entire park is designed as an in-situ observation of natural, urban ecology and sustainable development. In this sense, the proposed water cycle is configured as a system that can see and visit, small channels large retention basin and depuration. In addition we found really interesting to extent and continue the wooded fringe at the western boundary to maximizes ecological connectivity with other biodiversity areas located north and south. The creation of a linear timber functioning also as a filter to reduce noise and discomfort caused by environmental infrastructure. The ancient plots structure are recovered to organize the space and offer a cross connection with the park. They also help improve the management and organization of the territory vis-à-vis future development areas.Equipment market, services, storage and playground for children are arranged along the new public space on the system limit is strengthening its urban character and facilitating the management

Agroforesty system

The composition and the principles of planning and management of the site are designed according to the concept of Permaculture (which describes the design as a systemic and sustainable approach towards natural and anthropogenic means). Plant structure revolves around a stepped arriving to crop edge. A curve of decreasing vegetation from west to east, consists of forest vegetation, a bushy belt, herbaceous hem. A diversified, organic and biodynamic production, with the creation of an agro-forestry system is preferred. This agroforestry system will support the economic infrastructure of the barn as the continuity of the park in green infrastructure with the natural environment protected from the Rhône River.

Author: Scob

Design team: Margherita Galante, Sergio Sanna, Conchita Ruiz, Jordi Ribò


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