Narcea agriculture park

New agriculture structure and cultural activation.
Location: Salas, Asturias, Spain.
University: ETSAB.
Site: Agriculture area in protected regional reserve.


The project focuses on flood plain La Postal in Asturias Regional Park intends to fix the problems connecting with the abandon of agriculture practice. Starting with creating a new terrain parceling functional recovery in agriculture thanks to orchards, fields and grassland to pasture. The project proposes also the creation of various scenic landmarks as natural artworks to introduce an artistic nature to the valley and encouraging visitors to walk around to discover it in all its complexity. Respects the meander floodplain, increasing the importance of it to make it more attractive and increasing the surface creating a visual door to the stream. We also find the road that runs along the river, which in the area of the bend is slightly raised (1m) to avoid contact with water in case of flooding and comprising a series of platforms that act as lookouts and birdwatching point at different heights.


Design team: Margherita Galante, Simona Serafino & German Estalrich
Tutor: Miquel Vidal


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