Public square & artistic intervention.

Contemporary interpretation of mosaique, international competition.
1st price in architecture section.
Stakeholders: Associazione Mosaico Oggi & Università di Roma La Sapienza.
Site: Public space.

In the clasique and contemporary mosaique each single piece is referred to a different colours or materials with a different shine degree but all together composed a single complex drawing. In the same way the idea of light cube square is to takes the single autonomy of each single function to create a primitive-design pattern. Each single colored piece represent a different function as blue for the water, green for the grassland, withe for a single tree, black for the travertino pavement and silver for an exclusive sitting and light piece.The specific character is to be developed in vertical structure thanks to the piece light-cube. The light –cube is a module of 60*60 cm with a inox structure which support a metacrilato serigraphy on the sides to create special pattern on the ground during the night. So the black and withe mosaique originates design process from the square pattern to the light element to produce a major visual impact on the users.

Design team: Margherita Galante & Francesco Anniballi


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