Common design and bottom-up practices

Location: Barcelona
This initiative is supported by a grant from ERASMUS +, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Nürtingen-Geislingen University, University of Kassel, Szent István University, University of Bologna, LE:NOTRE Institute.


LED (Landscape Education for Democracy) promotes empowerment, participation and active citizenship among young people by directly addressing the topic of participation and active citizenship, thus enhancing relevant competences needed for facing social, cultural and environmental challenges in Europe. LED project focuses on the importance of the practical, everyday application of the principles of the European Landscape Convention, the Aarhus Convention and other key accords that address landscape decision making along democratic principles.

LED is first an interdisciplinary, international course consisting of online lectures and web-based materials aiming at understanding the theoretical foundations of community-based design, public participation and civic engagement for local change. Led is second a collaborative international research team to document local challenges and develop new ideas in a collaborative project.
1-Common-design and democratic change model: Urban Open Space citizens laboratory

2- Pilot project Tallers Muñoz Ramonet, Barcelona ES – Col·lectiu LABurbà (on-going)

Team: Margherita Galante, Emil Buzzi, Siddarth Trivedi, Reihaneh Rafiemanzelat, Nicolas Reibel, Sergio Sanna, Israel Martínez Vallès and Col·lectiu LABurbà.



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