Landfill reclamation, industrial statement and renewable energy.

Location: Inverness, Scotland.
University: Edinburgh College of Art.
Site: Landfill in industrial state.


Considering the Energy and the Waste plan of Highlands region, the project wants to improve the use of renewable energy and recycled materials. The landfill site closed in 2003 and in the Ecopark develop the reclamation action time is supposed to be around 50 year. Converting the Longman industrial estate as central point of the recycle process where the recycling materials arecollected, recycled and transformed in ecodesign products in the some area. All the ex landfill area is thinking to be energy productive in a short time period with crop field and forestry plantation for biofuel and biomass a and at the same time this land use help the bioremediation of polluted soil. After the contamination critic periods an ecoschool will settle to work on the environmental learning of the young generation. By the time part of the space in the ecopark will be managed from the students and renewable energy strategies (solar, little wind turbines and storm water system) could support the cost of the project along the time.

Designer: Margherita Galante
Tutor: Lisa McKenzie


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