Ephemeral landscape intervention

Location: Girona temps de Flors, Spain.
Stakeholders: Ayuntamiento de Girona, festival Temps de flors
Site: Bike sharing station


The proposal ephemeral intervention is part of the festival ” Girona, temps de flors ” which rules each year in north of Spain. For a week in May, different installations and exhibitions of flowers fill of colors and scents the city.

Our idea proposes is to create micro-gardens in public bicycle service used of the city of Girona, the ” Girocleta.
This dynamic installation conquest points of the city to enjoy the Temps de flors beyond its usual exhibition space, filled with colors and scents everywhere laying pass. At the same time, send a message to the community to promote sustainable transport for the city, reusing materials and citizen participation.
The bike sharing stations become the ” base” of citizen participation as they are the point of information, creation and maintenance of micro-gardens .
We invite you to take part and wish you a pleasant journey!

Design team: Juan Luis Campoy, Elena Climent, Merce Covès, Margherita Galante, Elena Pujalte and Silvia Royo.


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