Urban agriculture case studies collection and Pilot projects

Location: worldwide
This initiative is supported by a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation under the National Research Program NRP 65 “New Urban Quality” (www.nfp65.ch)


The Food Urbanism Initiative (FUI) opens research under the hypothesis that urban design strategies integrating well-conceived and carefully designed food production models and facilities will provide new urban quality. In testing this hypothesis, the FUI team addresses two fundamental research questions.
– How can urban design and public space making integrate, encourage and facilitate urban food production?
What types of urban food production affect urban design and improve urban quality?

The research outlines a methodology for generating strategies to facilitate harmonious coexistence that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. Using Switzerland as point of departure, FUI explores the potentialities of Food Urbanism through its recent history and contemporary context. The project aims to establish both innovative and feasible proposals for the purpose of grafting the domains of city and farms. The FUI methodology relies upon the development of a set of essential tools including a web portal (Foodurbanism.org), public opinion survey, urban mapping, prototyping and a series of pilot projects corresponding to multiple scales of proposed intervention. The Food Urbanism Atlas germinates from its genesis Foodurbanism.org. The Atlas is a collection of projects, efforts and initiatives that contribute to the diverse range of endeavors infusing strands of our food cycle into the urban domain. All the case studies are organized by typology and deeply analyze before to be communicate through the website and a research portal collection.
Part 1 – The Food Urbanism Atlas
Part 2 – Proposed Pilot Project – Large site: an urban renovation project on a large scale site (La Blecherette project and Geneva Urban farm)
Part 3 – Proposed Pilot Project – Small sites & systems: a systemic approach to small scale interventions

Team: FUI is conducted by an interdisciplinary team composed of four primary research groups, Verzone Woods Architects (VWA), the EPFL Media and Design Lab (LDM), the Agri-food & Agri-environmental Economics Group (AFEE) of the (ETHZ) and Agroscope ProfiCrops.


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