Edible community garden. Landscape construction workshop

Location: Castello di Chiaramonte, Favara, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Stakeholders: Giardini in campo, Favara Cultural Park, FUN, University of Palermo, Comune di Favara
Site: Closed space, 400 m2


A neglected space, close to an ancient castle walls, in the small Sicilian city of Favara was surrounding by illegal buildings and abandoned since more than 20 years. The idea of a landscape workshop spread out to reclaim this space into an edible community garden with open kitchen in partnership with cultural associations and local administration. Teaching methods of the workshop based on the principle of “learning by doing”: construction was the aim of the activities. Architecture and landscape students, citizens, gardener and artist were involved to create this place in fifteen days. The place is also conceived as a network between professionals and citizens to create a pleasant atmosphere, organizing happenings, concerts.

Design and construction team:  (Giardini in campo) Alfred Decker, Margherita Galante, Luigi Greco, Fausta Occhipinti, Gianluca Parcianiello, Sergio Sanna, Alessandro Tessari, Carmelo Nicotra, Camilla Tomasi and many more…




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