Collserola Urban transformation. Participative competition.

Location: Canyelles, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.
Stakeholders: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona , BIMSA, Citizens from the District, Inhabitants of the Masía de Can Masdeu,  Neighborhood Association Canyelles, Coordinadora d’Entitats de Nou Barris, Arxiu de Nou Barris,  Francesc Llimona,  Col·lectiu Agudells.
Site: Open periurban area.


The competition aim was to explore criticisms and possibilities for the backside green spot of Barcelona city finding out new urban solutions for the sixties district of Canyelles and Collserola Park. The methodology adopted was from neighbourhood communication phase up to collective web mapping, historical research, interviews, and community walking and finally design workshops. The community desire were especially directed to preserve and maintenance natural habitat, create new bicycle connection, new market place, picnic areas and community edible garden.The large members of stakeholders committed could switch on a strong neighboured network and some micro interventions proposed in competitions phase are now going on thanks to voluntaries action group.

Design team: Margherita Galante, Lacol, David La Peña, Raons publiques
Partners: Pablo Rodrigez Lozano, Ariadna Pomar (SCEA), Joel Ferrer (SCEA)


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