2016.06  First Prize IQU Innovation & Urban Quality, Participatory design category ,“Wild kitchen garden, Orto selvaggio con cucina”. Maggioli editor, Paesaggio Urbano, IT

2016.02 Selected for XXI Triennale Milano – Design after design with the project “Street urban food farm”IT

2015.07 First Prize Agritecture & Landscape – Expo Milano 2015 realized project  “Wild Kitchen garden, Orto selvaggio con cucina. Designer and construction: Fausta Occhipinti, Andrea Bartoli, Alfred Decker, Luigi Greco, Carmelo Nicotra, Gianluca Parcianello, Sergio Sanna, Giorgio Tollot, Alessandro Tessari, Camilla Tomasi, Margherita Galante, Mark Matyassy ( Giardini in Campo)  + Architecture students of Palermo University and Favara citizens

2014.10 Submission for Roma Design Lab / Urban contest. Designer: Margherita Galante, Alberto Collet, Lucas Torres Aguero

2014.08 Third group of merit for “Sustainable mobility plan of Predazzo”, Trento, Italy. Designer: Margherita Galante, ing.Israel Martinéz Vallés, ing.Berenguer Gangolells Alseda, ing.Queralt Santandreu

2013.09 First Prize Simonetta Bastelli Young section “Vittoria città verde”. Desinger Fausta Occhipinti, Saturno Alessandro & Margherita Galante (Spaziocchipinti)

2013.04 Selected for Second phase for Urban Farm in Geneva, Switzerland. Designer: Sergi Carulla, Oscar Blasco, Margherita Galante, Sergio Sanna, Conchita Ruiz (Scob arquitectes)

2012.12 On-line publication for Best Master final project 2012 on UPC-commons, “Wind farm as cultural landscape” authors: Margherita Galante, Francesca Ciuppa & ing.Israel Martinéz Vallés | http://upcommons.upc.edu/pfc/handle/2099.1/17380

2012.11 First Prize Public Competition Puertas de Collserola-Canyelles “#Baixem”Designer:Margherita Galante, Lacol, Raons publiques & David La Peña.

2008.10 Submission at “MAXXI 2% art”, design of two art installation (inside and outside the museum), Ministero per i Beni Culturali. Designer:Margherita Galante & Salvatore Cristofaro

2007.03 First Prize architecture section “Mosaico Oggi”, project of a public park inspired by the contemporary Mosaico. Associazione Mosaico Oggi in partnership with PGA, Università Roma La Sapienza. Designer: Margherita Galante & Francesco Aniballi.





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